About Pet Nutritional Supplements

Dogs are becoming more and more common nowadays. While enjoying the joy brought by pets, pet owners will find that dogs sometimes sway when they walk, and even eat grass, soil, leaves and other problems. In pet medical research, dogs may be deficient in calcium or trace elements.

Yes, in the absence of abnormal conditions in dogs, these behaviors are likely to be caused by calcium deficiency or trace elements.

As we all know, dogs have a much greater demand for calcium than humans, but now most dogs are generally kept indoors, and it is difficult to obtain sufficient sunlight to synthesize vitamin D, so calcium deficiency has become a common disease of dogs. Calcium deficiency in dogs can cause loss of appetite, indigestion, gradual weight loss, slow growth, and severely impaired bone growth, causing the dog to shake when walking. In addition, calcium deficiency in different periods can also cause different diseases such as intervertebral disc disease, double-row teeth or uneven permanent teeth, and osteoporosis.

Dogs often show pica when they lack trace elements, such as eating grass, eating soil, and eating leaves. It is redness and inflammation of the skin.

As pet owners pay more and more attention to the nutritional and health issues of pets, the future of nutritional supplement products can ensure that pets get balanced nutrition. From goat milk powder to nutritional supplements that improve coat color, what exactly are pet nutritional supplements?

Pet nutritional supplements, also known as wholesale chemical products, are one or more nutrients produced by natural extraction or biosynthesis, which are used to supplement the nutritional foods that are lacking in the corresponding pets.

Pet nutritional supplements are one of the fastest growing areas in the pet health care product market, among which benefits for pet nutritional supplements, joint health, fur condition, and gastrointestinal health are the fastest growing.

In the process of raising pets, the driving reasons for the rapid development of pet nutritional supplements include:

1. The growing aging of the pet population

Cats and dogs that have entered the stage of old age degenerate in all aspects of the body, and are accompanied by problems including cardiovascular disease, arthritis, malnutrition, and thinning hair. Timely supplementation of pet nutritional supplements can help improve and prevent Pain of aging.

2. High veterinary care costs of the pet population

The cost of raising pets is high, and careful planning is inevitable. Usually, if you get sick, it will cost hundreds of thousands to go to the hospital. Therefore, daily prevention is more critical.

3. Consider natural ingredients to be safer alternatives to drugs

In fact, these nutrient supplements, such as vitamins from GiHi Chemicals bulk vitamin powder suppliers and some others, have been on the market for years, and have proven to be safe when used sparingly. It has recognized benefits, purposes and functions.

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