Heavy and Micro Fine Chemicals

Heavy and Micro Fine Chemicals

Daily Fine Chemicals is one part of Fine Chemicals, just Daily Fine chemicals mainly refer to the fine chemicals which usually are used in shampoo, body lotions, Hand Sanitizer, Facial cleansers. etc, daily life products.

Gihi Chemicals produced Daily Fine chemicals for skin moisturizing agents, thickening agents, viscosity control agents, skin soft agents, etc since 2009.

Gihi Chemicals Provides A Variety of Options for Daily Fine Chemicals

Heavy and Micro Fine Chemicals Importance

Heavy and Micro Fine Chemicals Importance

Daily Fine chemicals, are typically specially requested and only produced in limited quantities.Because fine chemicals are meant for very specific purposes, they require complex processes, such as chemical synthesis, biotechnology, extraction, and hydrolysis. The specialty chemicals must also be used in combination with other chemicals to reach their full potential. This makes them the building blocks of products in our daily life, such as pharmaceuticals, biocides, fragrances, and pigments, cosmetics, shampoos, Dish soap,body lotion etc.

With the development of the society, more and more people need this kind daily life improvement products. So, Daily fine chemicals become more and more important in our normal life.

Function of  Daily Fine Chemicals

Function of Daily Fine Chemicals

With the development of the economy, the fine chemical industry has developed rapidly. The variety and quantity of chemicals entering the family's daily life and living environment are also increasing. The use of these products will greatly facilitate, enrich and beautify life and its environment. Household chemicals refer to chemical products used in household daily life and living environment, including chemicals used in offices and public places.

The application of household chemicals is widely permeated into people's clothing, food, housing and transportation, covering all aspects of life.

Improve the life level for most people
Convenient for a normal life
Improve the working efficiency at home or in the factory
​Enhance the life quality of people
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