Gihi Chemicals Research & Development Center

Now Our research center has: 1 Post-Doctor from abroad, 3 Doctors,12 Masters, and 19 bachelors as research assistant.

From the beginning of our products development, our technical engineers have chosen and design the production routes to ensure that we have been able to use biological, enzyme and water-phase green synthesis methods during the large production process to ensure that our health dietary supplements is truly high-quality, green & environmental friendly, which are truly good and health to the human body.

Gihichem Research & Development Research Team
Gihichem Research & Development Research Team
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Gihichem Research & Development Center
Gihichem Research & Development Center
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Gihi Chemicals Strict Quality Control

To ensure getting the qualified products for our customers,our quality control team workers all have many experiences in this field.
Gihi Chemicals Strict Quality Control

Our QC team has the following test equipment which are produced by the world famous equipment companies.

  • Agilent 1200 HPLC

  • Agilent 6120B LC-MS

  • Agilent 7890A GC

  • Agilent 7890A/5975C GC-MS

  • Bruker AVANCE II 400MHz

  • TU-1810DSPC UV

  • Wantong 870 plus Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator

  • Shanghai shengguang WZZ-3 Automatic Polarimeter

  • Bruker Tensor 27 FTIR Spectrometer

Gihi Chemicals keeps our QC team training regularly
Chemical Products Exporter Gihichem Strict Quality Control
Chemical Products Company Gihichem Strict Quality Control

Gihi Chemicals Shipping & Package

Step One

Get enough quantity products into 2-layers transparent food grade plastic bags, sealed it.

Step Two

Put transparent package into Aluminium foil bags. sealed aluminimu foil bag with heat sealer machine.

Step Three

Put Aluminium bags into 2-layer transparent big plastic bags, sealed with zip ties.

Step Four

Put this big plastic bag into drum or proper size 7-ply corrugated box(strong enough for long distance shipping).

Step Five

Sealed the drum/corrugated box, label it, and then cover the whole drum/box with wrapping film.

Step Six

Put drums on the proper size pallet, cover drums with several layers wrapping film, and then fix it with professional fix belt.

Gihi Chemicals After-sales Service

For every our dear customers, Gihi Chemicals provides them not only the good quality products but also the best after-sales service.

And our company has one quick and investigation-free after-sales service system for every rank of our customers.

When and where you have any questions or problems, you could contact us by Email, Phone, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin.

Gihi Chemicals is always here for you.

We promise: we will reply to your any questions and problem within 24h.

Gihi Chemicals After-sales Service
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