Professional Daily Fine Chemical Products Manufacturer Wholesale More Than 10 Years

Fine Chemical Wholesale

GIHI Chemicals, who started our factory from manufacturing Fine chemical wholesale and enzyme catalyst and enzyme fermentation products 20years ago. So, Fine chemicals are our main and advantaged products line.

GIHI Chemicals Has 3 Main Fine Chemical Wholesale

Gihi Chemicals Cosmetic Ingredients Wholesale

Cosmetic Ingredients

Gihi Chemicals Could provide more than 20 different kinds of Cosmetic Ingredients, they are used as antioxidants, such as L-Carnosine; some can be used as skin whitening ingredients, such as 4-Butylresorcinol; and some are skin moisturizers, such as Cetearyl Stearate.
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Cosmetic Ingredients

Custom Synthesis Gihi Chemicals

Based on GIHI Chemicals’ more than 20years production experience and strong R&D centers, we could provide many new fine chemicals’ research and production on large scale, you just need to tell us what is your need. Our professional team will help you to make your ideal come true.
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Custom Synthesis Gihi Chemicals

Daily Fine Chemicals

GIHI Chemicals has very large production equipments which could produce 5000kg per batch for Daily Fine Chemicals. Our Daily fine chemicals are mainly used in shampoo, Hand sanitizer, shower gel, laundry detergent, etc.
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Daily Fine Chemicals

GIHI Chemicals Fine Chemical Wholesale Quality Assurance Systems

Quality Management System

GIHI Chemicals has gotten an ISO9001 certificate for our fine chemical wholesale and management system, which ensures every fine chemicals' quality meets our customers' demand and our own specification.

Strict Quality Control

During our production process, our QC workers will sample and test the whole process.

Rigorous Testing of Raw Materials

The production raw materials we buy from raw material suppliers have very strict testing regulations and rules. Our quality control team only confirms the approval of raw materials before allowing them to be used in our production. This ensures that our final products are of the highest quality right at the source.

Fine Chemical Wholesale Hot Questions

What are example of fine chemicals?

There are many categories of fine chemicals, including: 1. Pesticides; 2. Dyes; 3. Coatings (including paints and inks); 4. Pigments; 5. Reagents and high-purity substances; 6. Information chemicals (including photosensitive materials, Magnetic materials and other chemicals that can accept electromagnetic waves); 7. Food and feed additives; 8. Adhesives; 9. Catalysts and various auxiliaries; Chemicals; 11. Functional polymer materials in polymer (including functional films, polarizing materials, etc.).

What is fine chemical in chemistry?

The so-called fine chemical products (that is, fine chemicals) refer to those chemical products with specific application functions, intensive technology, strong commerciality and high added value of products.

What is the difference between bulk and fine chemicals?

Fine chemicals are generally in small doses, a few milliliters, a few grams, etc., and are suitable for laboratory use with specific application properties, a wide range of synthetic processes, many steps, complex reactions, small output and high output value. Bulk chemicals refer to some products with a wide range of applications, high chemical technology requirements in production, and large output are basically traded products of several tons, so the dosage, production dosage, scope of use, and main performance are the main characteristics of fine chemicals and bulk chemicals.

Fine Chemical Wholesale Hot Questions
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