Gihi Chemicals Cosmetic Ingredients Wholesale

Gihi Chemicals Cosmetic Ingredients Wholesale

Gihi Chemicals strats bulk cosmetic ingredients production history from cosmetic ingredients since 2009. After more than 10 years of development, now, Gihi Chemicals has 1professional lab for Gihi Chemicals synthesis cosmetic indregidents and for peptide cosmetic ingredients. Our main cosmtic ingredients includes:4-Butylresorcinol, GHK-Cu, AHK-Cu, Palmitoyl Tripeptide series products, etc.

Four Types of Bulk Cosmetic Ingredients

Function of Useful Bulk Cosmetic Ingredients

Function of Useful Bulk Cosmetic Ingredients

The development of cosmetic ingredients is closely linked to the development of life sciences. The rapid development of life sciences after the 1970s has gradually revealed the causes of people's aging and wrinkles, gradually clarified the causes of skin pigmentation, and the ways to make obese cells disappear so that we can know which changes in the skin are unfavorable or Unnecessary; what caused these unfavorable changes, and what ways or methods can be used to restore the skin to its original condition, etc. On the basis of these theories, the chemical and biological industries have continuously developed various functional materials such as effective extracts from natural plants, biological functional products, etc., and gradually formed wrinkle removal, anti-aging; whitening and freckle removal; body beauty, acne removal, and sun protection And other categories of functional cosmetics.

Cosmetics Ingredients for certain skin problems, with certain special effects, generally have special care effects on the skin, such as whitening, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, skin tightening, moisturizing, anti-allergic, etc. Cosmetic ingredients.

Benefits of GHK-Cu (Blue Copper Peptide)

Benefits of GHK-Cu (Blue Copper Peptide)

In 1988, people discovered the blue copper peptide(GHK-Cu). Subsequent studies have shown that blue copper peptides can stimulate collagen synthesis even stronger than potent anti-aging ingredients such as tretinoin or vitamin C.

The role of blue copper peptide(GHK-Cu) on the skin is to moisturize, moisturize and whiten, because it can effectively lock 30 times the moisture, make the skin lasting moisturized, shiny and delicate, and can also achieve a whitening effect by inhibiting the production of melanin. Secondly, it can repair broken and aging elastic fiber networks, can restore skin elasticity, delay aging, and can remove free radicals in the body.

Blue copper peptide(GHK-Cu) has a good effect on wound healing and skin reconstruction, can reduce the formation of scar tissue, stimulate the skin to heal on its own, and restore skin elasticity.

​Improve Repair Ability

Blue copper peptide can improve the skin's self-repair ability. It can promote the synthesis of skin matrix and strengthen the regeneration ability of cells, so that when the skin is damaged, it can heal and recover faster, allowing normal cell tissue to replace old.

Promote Absorption

The molecular structure of blue copper peptides is very small, and most of them are small molecular proteins known for amino acids, cetearyl alcohol glyceryl stearate are very easy to absorb. Adding it to cosmetics can promote the absorption of other ingredients. If the skin's absorption capacity is not strong, This effect becomes more and more obvious.

Deep Skin Rejuvenation

When the blue copper peptide penetrates into the bottom layer of the skin, it can stimulate the vitality of the cells, increase the activity of the skin, and make the skin moist and elastic. Get a certain degree of enhancement.

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