Essential Nutrients for Pet Nutrition

Essential Nutrients for Pet Nutrition

Gihi Chemicals produced some Pet nutrition products since 2010, such as Palmitoylethanolamide, Adelmitrol, etc. We also helped our old cusotmers to develop some new products which were used for Pet care products, for example Oclacitinib Maleate, Lanosterol 90%, etc. Any new products you want, you could leave message to us. Our professional R&D team could do custom synthesis for you especially.

Gihi Chemicals Provides A Variety of Options for Pet Nutrition

Pet Nutrition Powdered Supplements Importance

Pet Nutrition Powdered Supplements Importance

In the process of animal growth and development, nutrients must be supported. Each element in food may have a positive effect on the animal's body, but overnutrition will directly affect the health of dogs and cats, and even lead to death. To this end, it is necessary to fully understand the types of nutrients required by animals such as cats and dogs.

Effect of Essential Nutrients for Different Types of Pets

Effect of Essential Nutrients for Different Types of Pets

Through the addition or reduction of pet nutrition elements, we can assist in the treatment of different diseases of pets.

Choose some proper pet nutritional products to enhance the immunity of young dogs and cats and reduce the chance of illness; for sub-healthy or sick cats and dogs, enhancing the body's immunity can help the dog and cat's body to quickly return to a healthy state.

The health of cats and dogs is closely related to the body's immunity. In addition to vaccines, immunity also interacts with nutrition. Therefore, we also need to pay attention to the nutritional needs of pets.

In general, Pet nutrition has the following three effects on animal immunity:

Enhance or intensify the immune response of the body
Inhibitor limit the body's immune response
Change the response mode of the body
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