What Is The Difference Between Dietary Nutritional Supplements And Health Care Products?

The types of products are rich and varied. Health products are one of the most popular types. Especially now, many people pay great attention to the conditioning of the body. The market of health products has a good prospect. Related products, but what are health supplements?

What Are Health Products?

Many friends may have heard of health products. In fact, the full name of health products is health food. It is a type of food. It has the special properties of food and can regulate the functions of the human body. It may be suitable for some specific people to eat, but it is not. It can treat any kind of disease, but it does not have any special magical effect. It cannot be mentioned in the propaganda or instruction manual, nor can it replace medicine.

Most of the health care products can regulate the function of the human body, and it takes a period of time to have an obvious effect. They do not have the characteristics of quick effects of drugs. Generally, the related keywords that are often used are relief and auxiliary enhancement and improvement. Health products cannot replace medicines for the treatment of certain diseases, but we cannot eat too much, just like eating too much food will be harmful to our health, so we should still strictly follow the prescribed methods and dosages. use.

What are Supplements in Nutrition?

Bulk powder supplements: also known as nutritional supplements, nutritional agents, dietary supplements, etc., which are composed of amino acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that your body needs, or only one or more vitamins, or a It is composed of one or more dietary components, in which in addition to amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, it can also be composed of herbal extract powders or other plant components. Nutritional supplements are only used as an auxiliary means of diet to make up for the amino acids, vitamins, minerals, etc. that may be insufficient in the normal diet of human beings. Dietary supplements are daily nutritional supplements that can prevent nutritional deficiencies and supplement nutritional elements.

The Difference Between Health Products And Dietary Supplements

At present, many people find the difference between health care products and dietary supplements in the process of purchasing related products. General health care products have the blessing of blue hats, while dietary supplements do not have this feature. In fact, health care products mainly refer to bulk vitamins powder and minerals, and may also use some animal extracts and plant extracts as the main raw materials, while dietary supplements are mainly made from extracts that use vitamins and minerals as raw materials.

Health products are mainly based on traditional Chinese medicine formulas, while dietary supplements are dietary guidelines destined through people's eating habits and lifestyles. They will still have some differences in nature, but they are mainly able to regulate human body functions and reduce the risk of disease.

Maybe many people are using some health products, but the definition of health products is not clear. Sometimes they buy medicines, sometimes they buy dietary supplements. In fact, there are different definitions and different definitions. The standards and requirements, everyone needs to screen strictly according to their actual situation.

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