About Amino Acids

Everyone must be familiar with amino acids, not only from textbooks, because amino acids are very commonly used in supplement raw materials. Many people have also had the process of supplementing amino acids, so what are the functions and functions of amino acids?

The Efficacy And Role Of Amino Acid Powder

1. Longevity: If the elderly lack protein in the body, the decomposition will be more and the synthesis will slow down. Therefore, in general, the elderly need more protein than young adults, and the demand for methionine and lysine is also higher than that of young adults.

2. Accelerate bone growth: Bone is composed of bone matrix and bone mineral: Bone matrix is mainly composed of amino acids, which determines the shape, size and flexibility of bones; Bone mineral is mainly composed of calcium, which determines the density and hardness of bones. Therefore amino acids and calcium are the main "building materials" that make up bones.

3. Improve immunity: Because the immune system of young children is not yet fully developed, the synthesis ability of antibodies in the human body is low, resulting in poor vitality and small number of phagocytes (such as white blood cells) that resist the invasion of foreign bacteria and viruses. susceptible to various diseases.

4. Comprehensively provide brain nutrition: Amino acids are important substances that make up the brain, and the amino acid content is as high as 90% or more. Modern biological research has found that the reason why people are smart and intelligent is inseparable from their huge brains.

5. Maintain the normal metabolism of the human body: some vitamins are converted from amino acids or combined with proteins. Enzymes, bulk vitamins powder and hormones play a very important role in regulating physiological functions and catalyzing metabolic processes.


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What Are The Essential Amino Acid Powder?

Amino acids are the basic units that make up protein, so if there is a lack of essential amino acids, the symptoms of protein deficiency will appear, which has a great impact on the growing baby. So what are the essential amino acids for the human body?

The essential amino acids in the human body refer to the fact that the human body cannot synthesize or the synthesis speed is far from meeting the needs of the body, and must be supplied by food proteins. These amino acids are called essential amino acids. There are 8 kinds of lysine, tryptophan, phenylalanine powder, methionine powder, threonine powder, isoleucine powder, leucine powder and valine powder.

Another statement lists histidine (which cannot be synthesized in the baby's body and needs to be obtained from food) as an essential amino acid, with a total of 9 kinds. Simple memory method of 8 essential amino acids: "A brings a bright color book" is methionine, valine, lysine, isoleucine, phenylalanine, leucine, tryptophan, Threonine.

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