What is the Sports Nutrition Definition?

For many people, exercise is a very important thing to bring about health. But what is sports nutrition? How does it help us? What is the sports nutrition definition?

1. Sports nutrition definition: What is sports nutrition?

The wholesale sports nutrition definition refers to specially processed foods or nutritional supplements according to special formula methods in order to meet the metabolic and physiological needs of athletes or manual workers and the needs for certain special nutrients. These foods are significantly different from ordinary foods, and their proportion of nutrient elements is much higher than that of ordinary foods. Bulk buy from Gihi Chemical private label sports nutrition.

2. Sports nutrition definition: Categories

Energy supplements: This category of food is represented by a variety of sports drinks, whose main ingredients are carbohydrates, which can quickly replenish energy after consumption. Supplement before, during and after exercise to prevent and reduce the breakdown of muscle protein during training, delay the occurrence of exercise fatigue, and promote fatigue recovery after exercise. More importantly, after sufficient energy, exercise ability and muscle performance will be greatly improved. For marathon runners, energy supplements such as energy drinks, energy bars, and energy gels are often used in competitions.

Muscle building: (1)Protein powder: Protein is the cornerstone of body composition and the basis for muscle growth. (2) Creatine: Creatine is mainly found in meat foods.

Nutrients that stimulate hormone secretion and resist decomposition: Certain nutrients have a strong effect of promoting the secretion of anabolic hormones and promoting synthesis in the body, which can promote the synthesis of muscle protein and reduce the decomposition of muscle protein caused by training, such as glutamine, branched-chain amino acids, etc.

Recovery category: People feel "tired" after a lot of exercise, which is a normal physiological phenomenon. In fact, in many cases, this is due to the lack of timely and reasonable nutritional supplements after exercise. Timely and reasonable nutritional supplements can not only delay the onset of fatigue or reduce the degree of fatigue, but also quickly eliminate fatigue and restore physical energy, thereby ensuring normal work and life the next day.

Nutritional supplements to promote fatigue recovery after exercise include: the rapid recovery of muscle glycogen after exercise is the key to the recovery of the body from fatigue. In addition to sports drinks, timely supplementation of mixed drinks with sugar and peptides is more conducive to rapid recovery from fatigue, and after training, the amount of muscle glycogen synthesis was significantly higher than that of simple sugar and peptide supplementation with glycopeptide drink.

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