Potential Health Benefits of Cycloastragenol Powder

1. Understanding cycloastragenol powder

Cycloastragenol powder belongs to triterpenoid saponins, which is mainly obtained by hydrolysis of astragaloside IV. Cycloastragalus powder is the only telomerase activator discovered today, which delays the shortening of telomeres by increasing telomerase, and cycloastragenol powder is considered to have anti-aging effects.

2. What are the health benefits of cycloastragenol powder?

Cycloastragenin powder for cancer treatment: cycloastragenin powder has the potential to cure cancer by destroying cancer cells, boosting immunity, and protecting patients from harmful reactions to chemotherapy. In a study of breast cancer patients, cycloastragenol powder for cancer treatment was shown to reduce mortality by about 40%.  

May protect the heart from damage: Cycloastragenol powder may provide protection against cardiac dysfunction. In a study of rats with induced cardiac injury, supplementation with cycloastragenol powder was found to improve cardiac dysfunction by promoting cardiomyocyte autophagy and inhibiting the expression of matrix metalloproteinase 2 (MMP-2) and MMP-9.

Better sleep: According to reviews of cycloastragenol powder, it improves sleep quality. However, clinical studies are needed to provide conclusive evidence regarding its sleep-enhancing abilities.

May help fight depression: Telomere shortening has been found in people with depression, such as mood problems and conditions like Alzheimer's disease. In a study that performed a forced swim test on mice, it was found that taking a supplement of cycloastragenol powder for 7 days improved their activity. It has been shown to activate telomerase in neurons and PC1 cells, which explains its antidepressant potential.

May Accelerate Wound Healing: Wound healing is a major problem for people with diabetes. This wound healing process occurs through a series of activities. These activities are; inflammatory activity, coagulation, restoration of epithelium, reconstruction and ultimately regulation of stem cells. These epithelial stem cells are critical for diabetic wound healing. Telomere degradation has been shown to negatively impact wound healing. This is where cycloastragenol powder comes in to repair shortened telomeres and enhance stem cell proliferation and motility. This in turn aids in rapid wound repair.

Improves hair health: Individual user reviews of cycloastragenol powder indicate that cycloastragenol powder may help prevent hair loss, promote hair growth, and enhance hair color.

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